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# 62Eintrag vom 25. 5. 2022 um 11:46
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diazepam kaufen
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# 61Eintrag vom 30. 5. 2021 um 09:08
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With prolonged use or excessive doses of AAS, health risks may arise. These effects include harmful changes in cholesterol levels (an increase in low-density lipoprotein and a decrease in high-density lipoprotein), acne, high blood pressure, liver damage (mainly with oral administration of AAS), and dangerous changes in the structure of the left ventricle of the heart. These risks are further increased when, as is often the case, athletes take steroids along with other medications, causing significantly more harm to their bodies. The effects of anabolic steroids on the heart can cause myocardial infarction and strokes. Conditions related to hormonal imbalances such as gynecomastia and decreased testicular size can also be caused by AAS. In women and children, AAS can cause irreversible masculinization.
They are subdivided into steroid and non-steroidal [9] [10]. Steroidal substances are called anabolic androgenic steroids [11]. Steroid substances include:

Androstane derivatives, ATX group A14AA
methandienone (A14AA03). Synonyms: Methandrostenolone, Dianabol, Danabol, Dianoged, Methane.
Estrene derivatives, ATX group A14AB
nandrolone decanoate (A14AB01). Synonyms: Retabolil, Nandrolone phenylpropionate, Nandrolone, Deca.
Non-steroidal anabolic substances are not included in the international ATC classification, they include:

Dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine, trade name methyluracil
potassium orotate
# 60Eintrag vom 29. 5. 2021 um 21:17
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Elke Schulz
Sports nutrition is a supplement (!!!), not a replacement for the main meals - breakfast, lunch or dinner. Without balanced nutrition and regular exercise, no sports supplement will give the desired effect. According to experts, ideally, we should get all the nutrients and trace elements from ordinary food: chicken breast with vegetables, cottage cheese, fresh fruit, and so on. However, according to statistics, no one gets the right amount of protein, indiscriminately consumes fats and is too frivolous about carbohydrates. And vitamins in winter are generally in severe deficiency. Therefore, you have to resort to various nutritional supplements to keep your body healthy, especially if you play sports and need additional nutrition for your vitality.
# 59Eintrag vom 29. 5. 2021 um 21:16
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Sports nutrition, what is it?
Sports nutrition is a special group of food products intended for people who regularly play sports, as well as for people who need additional nutritional supplements for medical reasons.

The qualitative composition of such supplements should be selected depending on the physical characteristics of the athlete, the type of sport and the level of exercise. For proper functioning, our body requires proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats - all of which can be found in sports nutrition.

Experts classify sports nutrition as dietary supplements, which can be divided into two main groups. This division is based on the original goal: sports nutrition for gaining muscle mass or fat burners.

There is also sports nutrition to restore strength and energy, aimed at improving metabolism. There are a huge number of different nutritional supplements on the sports nutrition market, each of which has its own purpose and application characteristics.

In order for sports nutrition to be extremely beneficial, it is better to approach the choice of this or that product wisely.
# 58Eintrag vom 29. 5. 2021 um 21:14
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Today, the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle is becoming popular every day. The fitness industry is evolving and more and more people want to be healthy and attractive. But what is the key to success? In addition to physical activity, a properly balanced diet plays an important role. Especially if you want to change your figure, nutrition is 70-80% of your success.

In the hectic pace of modern life, it is difficult to provide yourself with a 100% balanced diet. Sports nutrition comes to the rescue. I hope now people are no longer afraid to use sports supplements, confusing them with pharmacological preparations :) All supplements from sports nutrition consist of the same natural substances as ordinary human food, and in reasonable dosages are absolutely harmless to the body. The difference between sports nutrition and regular food is easier and faster absorption due to the concentration of nutrients. Which sports nutrition to use depends entirely on your goals.
# 57Eintrag vom 29. 5. 2021 um 21:12
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Stevia is a natural sugar substitute. Stevia leaves are several dozen times sweeter than sugar and can rightfully be called a health pantry. The plant, the distribution area of ​​which was the countries of South America, is today cultivated all over the world, including in Russia. A few medium-sized stevia leaves are enough to sweeten a cup of tea. The wide popularity of the sweet stevia herb is explained by the content in its leaves of a significant amount of vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements. It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system; digestive organs; liver and gallbladder; the immune system; teeth and gums. The disadvantage of this natural product is its slightly bitter taste.

Well, now you know why and for what purposes to use sports nutrition rationally. You need to understand that these are just supplements and if your diet is perfectly balanced, then you can do without them. But if you find it difficult to provide your diet with simple food, then sports nutrition will help you. Good luck on the way to your goals.
# 56Eintrag vom 25. 5. 2021 um 21:54
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Classification of sports supplements and their properties
Protein is a powder that helps to compensate for the required amount of proteins in the body. In combination with carbohydrates, this sports nutrition for beginners will contribute to the rapid growth of muscle mass. Within this category, protein is also divided into several varieties: „fast” and „long”. For example, PRIME KRAFT has released WHEY COMBO (combination of different flavors in one package) - this is a „fast” protein. It is he who contributes to the instant filling of the body with energy, so the supplement can be used to restore strength after training. In turn, „long” (MICELLAR CASEIN COMBO from PRIMEKRAFT) is taken at night and has an incredible effect: you sleep, and muscles grow in the literal sense of the word. The last option is optimal for those who decide to lose extra pounds.
Amino acids are an effective supplement that is especially important for beginner athletes who are experiencing high physical activity. Amino acids are different: arginine (AAKG from PRIME KRAFT) accelerates muscle recovery, burning cholesterol, activates growth hormone; BCAA is a complex of amino acids: valine, leucine and isoleucine - synthesizes protein and other amino acids, accelerates muscle growth.
Creatine is a supplement for the body in which this component is produced in small quantities. It helps to increase endurance, strengthen muscle tissue, and helps to create a beautiful relief on the body.
L-Carnitine is an effective sports nutrition for the beginner, effectively burning body fat during sports. To enhance the fat burning properties of the supplement in the PRIME KRAFT company, L-carnitine is enriched with tartaric acid (tartrate). This component also increases endurance and strengthens muscles.
Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids. This component is required by the body, enters it through food, but its amount is not enough to restore strength after exhausting physical exertion. Glutamine saturates muscle cells with water, activates growth hormone, strengthens the immune system, and improves mood.
Isotonic is a specially selected cocktail of vitamins and microelements that restores the water-salt balance. Relevant for prolonged cardio workouts that cause dehydration.
# 55Eintrag vom 25. 5. 2021 um 21:36
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If you are serious about exercising on a regular basis, if you have goals and want to achieve them, quality sports nutrition will help.

By the way, among experts it is not accepted to call it that - sports nutrition. More often than not, you hear the word supplements, or supplements. And this is quite consistent with the main task of these products - to close the deficit-holes in the diet. And almost everyone has a lack of certain microelements, amino acids, vitamins.

Having made a firm decision to go in for sports, you need to:

Draw up a training program.
Think over your diet (without this, any training program will be ineffective).
Choose sports nutrition for your goals.
For those who are fond of high-intensity training, want to gain muscle mass and improve strength indicators, most often they need amino acids, creatine, protein, gainer and vitamin complexes. All this contributes to the strengthening of muscles and ensures the flexibility of the body. Those people who want to lose weight should exclude weight gainers, otherwise the calorie content of their diet will not allow them to lose a single gram. But if you need to quickly gain muscle mass, athletes with a lean physique (ectomorphs) can safely connect gainers - a source of calories, carbohydrates, proteins of various forms, vitamins, creatine, amino acids, bcaa in an optimal ratio. Therefore, everything influences the choice of sports supplements: your baseline, gender, goals, and physical activity.

To summarize, depending on the purpose, sports supplements are for:

gaining muscle mass;
losing weight;
endurance and increased training duration;
protecting joints from damage;
general strengthening of the body.
According to their composition, they can be carbohydrate, protein, protein-carbohydrate (mixed), based on amino acids, creatine or vitamin-mineral complex.

The choice of a sports food depends on the training experience. So, for a long time and persistently training men for the sake of specific results, say, to run a marathon or squeeze a barbell under 150 kg, can use a whole arsenal of supplements. But for beginners in the first six months of training and those who go to the gym once a week „for themselves”, a basic set is enough. For example, vitamins and proteins: „long” at night and „quick” before breakfast. Without them, no way with increased physical activity for a long time, when the need for proteins is higher. Well, the cardio and chondroprotectors recommended for everyone should be connected.
# 54Eintrag vom 28. 4. 2021 um 17:53
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Карл Вайнс
Maurice Raben, an endocrinologist at New England Medical Center in Boston, first introduced it to a child who did not grow up due to the fact that his body did not produce this hormone at all. The treatment helped, and the child began to grow.
Other doctors soon followed suit. Treating adolescents with growth hormone deficiency has become a reality. It seemed that it was a wonderful way out for children who, without this hormone, were doomed to become people below normal height or even dwarfs. However, catastrophe soon broke out.
https://sadasf51.wixsite.com/sport At that time, the only source of growth hormone was the human brain - the brain of corpses. It took the brains of thousands of dead people to get just a few drops of the hormone that could be injected into a sick child.
# 53Eintrag vom 27. 4. 2021 um 13:23
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Hello everyone!
Why is growth hormone needed?
Growth hormone is the strongest active drug for the active growth of muscle mass and the rapid reduction of body fat. But in order to achieve the desired results from taking this drug, a number of conditions are required, which not many people can adhere to (a rather rigid schedule of nutrition, training and injections). So what is the growth hormone cycle? Of course, the course of the drug and its dosage depend on the severity of physical activity and the type of sport, for example, the dosage of athletes reaches 8 units per day, which is insufficient for an effective set of muscle mass for a weightlifter.

For bodybuilders, the dosage should be at least 12-16 units, and the duration of the course should be at least 3 months. Growth hormone is recommended to be taken in high dosages for one simple reason: the receptors quickly get used to the drug, so you should not inject it for a long time. After the course of therapy, a break is required equal to the length of the course.
Of course, growth hormone is not prohibited from taking for 6 months or more, but only in small dosages of 2-4 U per day. However, it is almost impossible to achieve hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle cells with this regime.

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